Beleza Natural: The Coca-Cola of the hair? Offering self-esteem to the base of the pyramid



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The ‘Instituto Beleza Natural’ opened its first center in 1993, in Brazil. Over the course of 18 years BN has managed to transform itself into a very successful business with 11 beauty centers nationwide, more than 80,000 clients per month, annual revenues exceeding 60 million US dollars and with a workforce of over 1,300 employees. Beleza Natural (BN) has become very popular in Rio de Janeiro over the 2000 decade and is known as a beauty salon that caters to women who have a low income with high quality products that are scarce in their range, since BN applies an innovative treatment that transforms fizzy curly hair into softer and more moisturized hair whilst creating beautifully defined curls. And although BN seemed successful and with great potential, BN faces many open questions by the middle of 2011. In this case students are challenged to identify, analyze and resolve some of the challenges that the promotion of entrepreneurship faces in emerging economies; to develop innovative ways of thinking about existent public and private support that are often unnoticed; and build financial strength beyond conventional approaches.

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