Avantchange (A): ¿Merece la pena impartir programas de habilidades personales y de bienestar para los empleados? Part: A



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Case Study

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Clara García, General Manager, and Gonzalo Díaz, Human Resources Manager, detected a high-stress level in their company, Avantchange. This led them to consider how the performance of their employees would be affected in terms of productivity, creativity and commitment to the Company. When they created the company, the partners wanted one of the Core Values to be the commitment to the Well being of employees, the company, and society. They were convinced that Personal Well Being was necessary to optimize performance in tasks, promote creativity and facilitate employees´ engagement with the business project. Therefore, and given the situation of malaise that they detected in some departments, they decided to implement on the company strategic policies on the area of Human Resources that would help to develop and maintain a healthy work environment. Following these premises, Avantchange implemented, among other measures, a program to improve employee´s well-being, creativity and attention called “Focus on you”.

This program was based on Mindfulness techniques. They also supported the creation and distribution of a management system that facilitated the employee´s  participation, safeguarding their privacy and independent of supervisor´s supervision and assessment.

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